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happy used car driver at the auto connection virginia

It sounds almost too obvious to say but — cars were made to be driven. Even if you’re working from home, avoiding the grocery store, or sheltering in place, it’s still recommended that you drive your used car at least once every 2 weeks. And not just start it and let it idle, but drive it for at least 10 miles with some speeds over 50 mph. Here’s why:

  1. It helps prevent tire damage. While you’re doing your best to flatten the curve, we don’t want you to flatten your tires! When a car is parked for more than a few weeks at a time, its weight presses down on the tires, causing a flat spot where the tire comes into contact with the ground. This flat spot can affect ride quality, air pressure, and the life of the tire. 
  2. It helps to keep your engine in top shape. Just like you need to stay active while staying home, your engine and transmission need that, too. Regular driving keeps these parts lubricated and running smoothly. When you drive your vehicle, make sure the engine has time to warm up and reach its optimal operating temperature. This means going for at least 10 miles with some speeds over 50 mph. 
  3. It recharges the battery. The longer your used car sits, the more charge your battery loses. Going for a drive at least every 2 weeks will help keep your battery going strong. 
  4. It’s good for your brakes. Part of your car’s brakes are made from iron, which can rust when met with moisture and long-term rest. When you go for a drive, your brake pads naturally get rid of any developing rust.
  5. It maintains your fuel system. After about a month, idle gasoline can start to oxidize and leave carbon deposits in your fuel system. When you go for a drive, you circulate the gas and help maintain your used car’s fuel efficiency, performance, and overall health.

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