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What exactly is the Check Engine light the auto connection

That pesky orange, engine-shaped light is your car’s way of telling you that something’s wrong. And while it may be annoying, it shouldn’t be ignored. It may be a small problem that’s relatively easy to fix—such as a loose gas cap that needs to be replaced. Or, it could be indicative of a more serious problem that could damage your engine. Regardless, it’s pretty easy to find out what the problem is, and taking care of it quickly can save you from more frustrating, and expensive, trouble down the road.

So, what kind of things might cause the Check Engine light to come on? Below are a few of the most common Check Engine codes that trigger it:

  • You need to replace your spark plug(s)
  • Your oxygen sensor(s) needs to be replaced
  • You may need a new catalytic converter(s) and a new OEM catalytic converter(s)
  • Your gas cap may be loose or damaged. If so, you’ll need to tighten or replace it as necessary
  • It’s time to replace your ignition coil(s)
  • You may have a faulty exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • Your fuel injector(s) needs inspection and most likely, replacement
  • Your thermostat might be off and needs replacing
  • It’s time to check your Mass Air Flow Sensor. This measures the inflow of air to the engine. A faulty sensor could mean your engine efficiency is reduced by up to 25%.

It’s important to note that increased humidity and other outside factors may, on occasion, trigger your Check Engine light even when nothing is actually wrong with your car. In such cases, the light should go off by itself after a short time.

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