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Used Cars and Tire Safety Tips 

By February 11, 2016November 5th, 2021No Comments

Used cars can maintain fuel economy and better handling when drivers follow important tire safety guidelines.

Checking your tires should be something every driver in Virginia and North Carolina does once a month. Not only does it help your used car not use as much gas, but it also helps protect against accidents and breakdowns while protecting the life of a tire.

At The Auto Connection, we advise all our customers – from Wilson, North Carolina to Virginia Beach, Virginia – to take five minutes every month to check the tires on their used cars. It’s extremely important to check your used car before taking a long road trip such as driving from Danville to Virginia Beach.

Used Cars Tire Safety Checklist

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends the following safety tips to keep your used car ready for the road:

  • Inspect the tires on your used car for any signs of wear or cracks. If you see any kind of foreign object stuck into the tire, try to remove it. It’s common to find bits of glass and other small items wedged in the tire tread.
  • Check the pressure on each tire of your used car. Air can escape slowly over time, leaving your used car at risk for early signs of wear and tear. Make sure to add air, if necessary.
  • Make sure that all the tires on your used car have valve caps. It’s pretty easy to lose them if you ever need to add air to your tires. Make a habit of putting the valve caps in your pocket while you add air so they don’t roll away out of sight.
  • Do not overload your used car. You can find out the maximum recommended load for your used vehicle by checking the owner’s manual.

Another way to protect your tires is to be mindful of curbs and potholes – which are certainly plentiful throughout Hampton Roads. When you’re driving, make sure to slow down if you have to run over a pothole. Try not to run over curbs or strike a curb when parking your used vehicle. By following these easy recommendations, North Carolina and Virginia drivers of used vehicles can help protect the tires on their used cars from excess wear and tear.

+ Want to learn more about used cars in Virginia and North Carolina? Our highly-trained staff at The Auto Connection are happy to share their used car maintenance tips as well as help customers with bad credit auto sales. In North Carolina, we have a location in Wilson. Our locations in Virginia include: Danville, Newport News, Norfolk and Richmond.