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Toyota robot playing basketball

When you think of Toyota, you think of a reliable car (many of which we have right here at The Auto Connection). But they’re also innovators in the world of tech. We see the improvements they make in their line of vehicles every year, but cars aren’t the only thing Toyota dabbles in—they also innovate in the world of robotics. Most recently, Toyota created a robot that plays basketball.

Yes, you read that right.

Let’s take a look at this free-throwing machine that has a 100% shot accuracy. (The following article comes courtesy of Autoblog.)

Toyota built a robot that plays basketball. It uses artificial intelligence to shoot perfect free throws. Check out the video.

Transcript: Cue is a basketball playing robot created by Toyota that shoots free throws. It uses artificial intelligence to shoot perfect free throws. It demonstrated its shooting ability in a shooting competition against two Alvark Tokyo basketball players. Cue shot with 100% accuracy for a perfect score, even hitting shots against a defense. Cue will be unveiled to the public on March 28. Would you want the Alvark Tokyo robot on your team?

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