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When you think of a tractor, the word “speed” doesn’t come to mind. But thanks to the engine-loving chaps at Top Gear, now you will—they recently set a world speed record of 87 miles per hour.

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Now let’s take a look at this record-breaking tractor. (The following article comes courtesy of Autoblog.)

Today in silly automotive stunts comes news that there’s a new world record for fastest modified farm tractor. It comes courtesy of the folks on BBC’s “Top Gear“; the actual show airs Sunday on BBC 2.

The show’s engineering team outfitted their farming machine — dubbed “Track-tor” — with a 5.7-liter, 507-horsepower Chevrolet V8, added brakes on all four wheels (normal tractors feature only rear-wheel brakes), an adjustable air suspension system, 20-inch split-rim rear wheels fitted with 54-inch Super Swamper Bogger tires and a coat of Lamborghini-style orange paint.

Driven by Stig and certified by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, the Track-tor hit 87.27 mph in an average of two runs at a former military airfield in Leicester, England. The previous record was 80.8 mph.

Still, we couldn’t help but note that the feat pales in comparison to the new Honda Mean Mower, whose 1,000-cc four-cylinder engine gives it 189 horsepower and reportedly can take it to 134 mph. For a riding mower! So if you’re looking to speed through your horticultural to-do list, go for the Honda.

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