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Sport tire close up. close up on rain drops on a car tire. concept about transportation ** Note: Shallow depth of field

What do you know about the tires on your quality used car? Chances are you might not know these top 5 misconceptions about tires.

1. A tire will burst if you exceed the “max press” number

A new, quality tire will not burst. In fact, you can go well beyond the “max press” number without a problem. Worn tires, however, are at risk if you exceed the “max press” number found on the sidewall of your tire.

2. The proper PSI for a tire is listed on the tire

The truth is the proper tire pressure is formulated by the vehicle manufacturer, not the tire manufacturer. Check your quality used car’s manual for proper tire pressure.

3. Cheap tires are as good as name brand tires

As with most everything in life, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say that you should always buy the most expensive tires. Do you research before replacing any tires on your quality used car from The Auto Connection.

4. If the tread is still there, the tire is good to go

Tires may look fine at a glance, but the older they get the more they deteriorate – this is especially tricky with cars that aren’t driven much. Check for hairline cracks and deteriorating rubber. If you’re uncertain, bring your quality used car over to The Auto Connection for an inspection.

5. All-season tires beat summer tires for grip on a wet road

All-season tires have better mobility in snow and cold temperatures, but in exchange they lose points in wet-road traction.

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