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The tires of your quality used car are your only points of contact with the road. If they’re not properly inflated, you could be putting yourself at risk. Once you get the hang of it, checking and maintaining tire pressure is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these tips for checking tire pressure.

Why Tire Pressure is Important

Next to your brakes, your tires are the most important safety features of your car. Improper tire pressure maintenance can result in loss of vehicle control. Not to mention tires that are low in pressure have more surface contact with the road, which increases friction and cuts away at your fuel economy.

On the flip side, tire pressure that is too high can result in a bumpy ride in your car—if you’ve got any drinks in cup holders, they better have lids. And if the tire pressure is high enough, your tires run the risk of exploding.

Determining Proper Pressure Level

First things first: You need to know what PSI your tires should be at. Don’t check the tires themselves. The number listed there is the maximum tire pressure, not the recommended tire pressure. Your owner’s manual will tell you exactly where your tire pressure should be.

When to Check Tire Pressure

The best time to check the tire pressure on your quality used car is anytime your tires are cold. This just means they’ve been sitting a few hours and have dropped from a higher temperature (caused by friction while driving) and have reached the outside temperature. And while you’re checking pressure, don’t forget to check your spare tire every once in a while. Having a flat spare will only cause more stress than you already have.

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