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A friend is someone you go to when you need advice, want to split a pizza, or need someone to help you move. And for those reasons, friends are a great thing to have. But they might not be the best person to buy a used car from. Buying a car is a really important decision and there are a lot of factors to consider and steps to cover — all of which might be best handled by a professional dealership. 

If you’re considering buying a used car from a friend, take into account the following things first:

  1. Are you getting the best deal? There are several online sources where you can quickly shop and compare used car prices. Your friend might need to make a certain amount on the sale or you might feel uncomfortable negotiating. You can avoid those potential hiccups here at The Auto Connection.
  1. Has it been inspected thoroughly? Your friend promises the car is in great shape but maybe you still want to take the car for a test drive out on the highway, see if all the windows roll down, check under the hood. Even if you trust your friend, it’s best to have a used car that’s been seen by a professional and comes with a full history report. At The Auto Connection, each of our used cars come with a free AutoCheck report and are fully evaluated before being put on the lot for sale.
  1. What about the title? Has your friend completely paid off the car or do they still owe money on a loan? In either case, you’ll need to see the title before you buy. When you buy a used car from Auto Connection, you’ll get a Clean Vehicle Title Guarantee. 
  1. Insurance. Car insurance dealings can get a little confusing and this is another reason buying a used car from a dealership is a better option. Whether your state requires proof of insurance for registration purposes or you need to transfer the plates, we can make the process hassle-free. 
  1. Purchase terms & final Bill of Sale. A Bill of Sale is a legally binding document and needs to include the make, model, and year of the used vehicle, along with the VIN, terms of the purchase, odometer reading, and the buyers and sellers typed names and signatures. Any time legal matters are at hand, it’s better to go through a professional dealership that does these kinds of things every day. 

We know how important friendships are (there’s a reason Auto Connection calls it the Best Friend Guarantee). With hassle-free financing, free AutoCheck reports, a 1-year warranty, and quality service, we’re able to make the car-buying process easy and enjoyable! And without the risk of some unexpected surprises that could pop up when buying a car from a personal friend. 

Are you in the market for a reliable used vehicle? As a premier buy here, pay here dealership in Hampton Roads, The Auto Connection helps people in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Richmond, Eastern Shore, Smithfield, Chesapeake and Newport News, VA get the financing they need to drive away in a quality used car, truck, SUV or van. Find out how easy it is to get a quality pre-owned vehicle of your own with buy here, pay here financing from The Auto Connection. 

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