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Preowned Cars Need Tire Pressure Checks

By February 23, 2016November 4th, 2021No Comments

Preowned cars in Virginia are just like new cars and used cars in Virginia – they all need to have their tire pressure checked. In fact, people who drive preowned cars should check their tire pressure every month.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Virginia or North Carolina, having the right tire pressure on your preowned car helps with fuel economy and the life of the tire. At The Auto Connection, our trained mechanics recommend all of our customers get into the habit of checking the tire pressure on their preowned car. As a longtime buy-here pay-here used car dealership, we know that maintaining proper air pressure helps improve fuel economy and protects against excessive tire wear.

Check Tire Pressure Monthly on Preowned Cars

If you never learned how to check the tire pressure before on your preowned car, don’t worry. Give yourself some credit. It’s really pretty simple to learn how to check.

The first step is to know the recommended tire pressure and vehicle load. Both of these can be found on the tire information placard – a permanent label that is attached somewhere visible on your used car. Check your car’s door edge, the glove box or inside of the trunk lid for the placard.

You can buy a tire pressure gauge from most automotive stores in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. It’s a good idea to always keep a gauge inside your used vehicle. In order to get an accurate tire pressure reading, you have to measure the tire pressure when the tires are cold. That means the car hasn’t moved for at least three hours.

Once you know what the used car’s tire pressure should be, then you check each tire. Make sure to write down how much air you need to add for each tire. If the tire pressure is too high, you can easily let out some of the air by pressing on the tire valve. Most people use the edge of the tire gauge.

With all your readings written down, grab some quarters – most air stations aren’t free – and head to one of the many service stations in Virginia Beach that offers air. In most cases, all the tires on your preowned car will need the same amount of air pressure.

If you notice that your used car seems to handle better or you experience better fuel efficiency, give yourself some credit. Drivers who check their pressure every month often notice a difference.

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