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Paperwork You Should Always Keep in Your Car

If you’re like most people, your used car’s glove compartment is full of napkins, old receipts, and maybe even actual gloves. But there are actually some important documents you should keep in your car at all times, too! Here’s the paperwork you should always have in tow.

  1. Your registration. You should keep an up-to-date vehicle registration in your car at all times. If you’re pulled over by law enforcement, they will ask for proof of current registration and not having one on you could result in a serious fine. Store it in the glove compartment for easy access and remember to keep it updated annually or biannually!
  1. Insurance information. Like vehicle registration, a law enforcement officer from this website will be asking for proof of insurance if you are pulled over or in an accident. Keep a copy of your insurance card handy in your glove compartment for easy access.
  1. Owner’s manual. You should consult your owner’s manual regularly to stay on top of routine maintenance. And while you won’t get into any trouble if you don’t have it handy, it’s smart to keep it close should you run into issues or need information about your vehicle’s recommended oil, tires, and other parts.
  1. Driver’s license. Okay, technically, this should always be on you (and preferably in your wallet) but it’s so important that we had to include it on the list. In addition to being useful if you ever need a photo ID, a current driver’s license is required to legally drive and will also be asked for by law enforcement in the event that you’re pulled over or in an accident.

Bonus items: Some drivers may also want to consider having their emergency contact information, medical history, and medication information in their car in case of a serious accident. A pen and paper are also handy for leaving notes if the car breaks down or for exchanging information in the event of a parking lot mishap or fender bender.

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