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Otto Radio Aims to Enrich the 23 Billion Hours Americans Spend Commuting Annually

By October 8, 2015No Comments

New Driver-Centered App Reinvents Talk Radio Using Predictive Algorithms to Personalize Broadcasts

Available through the Apple App Store immediately, Otto Radio brings the content recommendation experience found in popular services such as Netflix and Pandora to the medium of talk radio. The app searches the web for news, podcasts, and articles based on users’ interests and desired listening time. With the touch of a button, users can listen to the news they care about and podcasts they’ll love in a broadcast tailored to the length of their commute.

“There are 110 million car commuters in the U.S. with an average drive time of more than 50 minutes per day. That adds up to an incredible 23 billion hours we’re spending behind the wheel each year,” said Stanley Yuan, co-founder and CEO of CarGlass, parent company of Otto Radio. “The attention driving demands has given traditional radio stations incredible staying power in the face of the on-demand, personalized models currently revolutionizing press and television. Until now, you could change the radio station, but not the way the station works. Otto Radio fills the gap by providing a hyper-personalized audio streaming experience with minimal driver input. In just a few days, Otto learns each driver’s interests and moods and even how they change at different times of the day. Users’ broadcasts are constantly improving based on this accumulated learning.”

Podcasts are aggregated from almost 21,000 channels with more than 1.3 million episodes. Natural-sounding text-to-speech technology allows users to listen to trending news and in-depth articles from across the web, not just the tiny fraction already in audio form. News stories are analyzed and distilled down to 60-second flashes containing all the essential information. In-depth articles remain unedited for listeners to more fully explore their topics.

Otto Radio gets better and better at anticipating what users want the more they use it. And because the app pulls content from across the Internet, the resulting broadcast is both comprehensive and concise – satisfying ‘commuters’ curiosities within the time constraint of their commute.

The Otto Radio App is available for free from the App Store or at

About Otto Radio: Otto Radio scours the Internet for the stories that best capture your passions and interests: breaking news, witty podcasts, biting commentary, all transformed into an audio broadcast tailored to the length of your commute. Learn more about Otto Radio at or find the app on Facebook and Twitter.

About CarGlass, Inc.: Founded in 2014, CarGlass’ mission is to connect every driver to the content and information they want – intelligently and safely. CarGlass is built on the idea that your digital lifestyle can be safely extended to your car, and the many hours you spend behind the wheel can be transformed into an opportunity to learn, be entertained and stay informed. Learn more about CarGlass at