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When you think of Oscar Mayer, what comes to mind? If it’s the Wienermobile, then you’re like millions of other Americans who wax nostalgia at the thought of that notorious hotdog car. But lately, the Oscar Mayer fleet has expanded. Check out the video above to learn more. And if a quality used car is more your style of transportation, be sure to check out The Auto Connection, where we have over 300 quality used vehicles for you to choose from. Getting you on the road is one thing, but keeping you there is everything—just ask one of our 35,000+ happy customers. (The following article comes via AutoBlog.)

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is one of the most iconic food trucks. What else is it than a food truck, given it’s a food-shaped truck? But Oscar Mayer wants to boldly go where a truck cannot, and naturally the solution for that is to employ a jetpack.

The “Thunderball”-style jetpack, flown by a superhero character called Super Hotdogger, follows the introduction of Oscar Mayer’s Wienerfleet a year ago. The Wienerfleet comprises the classic Wienermobile alongside a wienerized Mini, a Vespa with a sidecar and a Wienerdrone, all of them with the instantly recognizable red-and-yellow wiener livery.

But the jetpack might be the most inventive Wienerfleet addition so far. The company says that more people have walked on the moon than have flown with a jetpack — though only 12 men have walked on the moon, so we’re not too sure about that claim. Nonetheless, jetpack travel is pretty rarified, and jetpack hotdog delivery is even rarer.

Anyway, the video above is entertaining and makes us wish we were an Oscar Mayer wiener jetpack pilot. We expect there may be a slight amount of CGI involved, but at the same time, we truly want to believe that “Super Hotdogger” could deliver us utility-belt-mounted hotdogs with the convenience and panache only a jetpack can offer.

The jetpack in question appears to be the same model that we covered last year in an Autoblog “Translogic” episode, below. It’s made by Jetpack Aviation, whose CEO, David Mayman, flew around the Statue of Liberty, which along with hotdogs is about as American as it gets. Check out the company’s website and YouTube for some incredible videos of him flying. Could it be that David Mayman is Super Hotdogger’s secret identity?

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