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Mack Mack loves to save money, especially when he’s cruising around in a high-quality used car from The Auto Connection.

Check out these easy tips to help you save money and maintain the life of that quality used car you bought from Auto Connection.

  1. Make a budget. Mack Mack says if you only have $1, you can’t spend $1.25.
  2. After you took advantage of the buy here, pay here program for your used car from Auto Connection, start saving money by filling it up with gas when the tank is down to a quarter tank. That way you don’t get gas from the first place you see, which can be expensive. It’s all good when you buy a pre-owned vehicle.
  3. Don’t use high octane gas (which costs more) in the used car that you bought from Auto Connection, unless it says to do so.
  4. Car insurance is always necessary. Ask your insurance company for good driver and good student discounts. Also, review your insurance policy every year so you aren’t paying for something you no longer need.
  5. Rotate the tires of the reliable used car you bought and paid for at The Auto Connection. Keep up with other maintenance requirements too. The Auto Connection’s Service Centers can help with that and you may see Mack Mack while dropping it off.
  6. Get rid of premium cable. You can see Auto Connection commercials featuring Mack Mack on regular cable. We love letting people know about our buy here, pay here program for people with bad credit.
  7. Making sure you have jumper cables in your car when you are planning to travel far is important.
  8. Mack Mack loves to eat. Since eating out takes extra money, Mack Mack brings his lunch to work at The Auto Connection. That way he also does not miss the happy people who have just been put behind the wheel of their reliable used car they bought at The Auto Connection.
  9. Being at The Auto Connection all day can be fun, but tiring. Mack Mack usually does not feel like cooking dinner. Instead of eating out, Mack Mack has a freezer full of already-cooked meals prepared ahead of time.
  10. After dinner, Mack Mack needs to brush his teeth. But he never runs the faucet while he’s brushing his teeth. That way, he can save on the water bill.
  11. Mack Mack only has a cell phone. That is because you only need one phone to call The Auto Connection to take advantage of the buy here pay here program for a reliable used car.

Mack Mack recommends The Auto Connection

+ Buy a used car from one of The Auto Connection’s five locations in Norfolk, Richmond, Danville, Newport News, Va., and Wilson, N.C.