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Keep your late model car looking good.

By November 2, 2015No Comments

Just because you have a late model car, your car can still be envied. With some work and accessories, you can drive an older car giving it a more classy term – vintage car.

Consider non-abrasive car wax, cheesecloth or cloth diaper, sponge, terry-cloth towel and a soft toothbrush. The most important ingredients are time and elbow grease.

Start with a good wash and dry. When you are ready to wax, pick a shady spot to work because the sun will cook the wax on the car which can damage the paint job. Using a damp sponge apply the wax in a small circle motion. Wax that gets into cracks can removed by a toothbrush.

Then wipe off the wax with the terry-cloth after applied to the entire car. Start in the spot where you started. Finally, buff the car with cheesecloth or a cloth diaper. This will make it shine.

Touch-up paint is a good option for small spots. Check the firewall (bulkhead) under the hood for the paint number. Primer should be purchased as well unless the paint tells otherwise. Follow the directions carefully.

Headlights and tail lights can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.

Now that the outside looks great, go inside. If you cannot replace of seats, the steering wheel and dashboard, then cover them. Another option for the dashboard is to replace it with one from a junkyard. There is even an option to repaint or dye the seats.

If all that is not necessary, a good clean and polish will work. As with the exterior clean before you polish. Using a wet cloth, get the dust and grim off first. Most dashboard cleaners work well. It is important when using a new cloth to wash it first to remove the fibers that might end up on the dashboard.

Knobs and switches that are broken or deeply worn can be replaced with a junkyard purchase.

Vacuum with an industrial vacuum cleaner or go to the nearby carwash with a handful of quarters. These vacuum cleaners are much stronger than ones used in a home.

Shampoo the carpet and upholstery, make sure to get the arm rests. If the seats are deeply worn and torn, consider purchasing seat covers. With the various options such as ones with cartoon characters or favorite sports team, this is a chance to show some personality. If the car seats are deeply cracks and brittle, consider ones from a junkyard that have less wear and tear.

Other accessories that make your car space personal are floor mats and decals.

Another key element that keeps cars looking good is car door rubber trim seals. This functional as well because it helps with sound and temperature. The parts are pretty inexpensive but applying them takes time and patience.

Now that your ride looks good, you can take it out for a spin for all to admire. At the Auto Connection we want you to have pride in your vehicle. Our service department can also help with recommendations.