Some reports say as much as 20% of car accidents are a result of impaired vision from a damp or dirty windshield. Other reports suggest that up to 50% of wiper blades on operational vehicles need to be replaced. Is it time to replace your windshield wipers on your quality used car? Here’s how to tell:

  • Cracks – splits, hardness or discoloration in the rubber
  • Jagged edges – the blades are worn around the edges, with some rubber “hairs” hanging off
  • Frame issues – the metal frame of the wiper is bent, causing the blades to perform poorly

If the wiper blades on your quality used car have any of these symptoms, it’s time to get new blades. But which kind does your car need? Here are four types:

  • Standard – cost-efficient all-weather blades
  • Aerodynamic – designed to channel air, keeping the rubber in constant contact with the windshield
  • High-tech – contain additives for increased life and performance, and even a built-in wear sensor
  • Winter – made of stronger frames, some of which are heated

Whatever your blade type, the typical lifespan is 12-18 months. Wiper blades vary in size, so be sure to take note of both the driver and passenger blades before purchasing any refills. If you have questions about when to replace your wiper blades on your quality used car from The Auto Connection, we’d be happy to help.

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