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Springtime is a great time to save some money for a fun summer ahead. And what better way to save money than to be smart about your quality used car? Here are a few ways to cleverly pinch some pennies this spring.

Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual

Your owner’s manual is key to saving money on your used car. In addition to information regarding the best ways to use and maintain the vehicle, it explains preventative maintenance you can get done that will lead to significant cost savings down the road.

Do some maintenance yourself

To save some dollars this spring,  it may be worth handling some of the easier maintenance jobs yourself. Some of the simpler DIY jobs include tire pressure maintenance, checking your oil, changing your air filter, replacing windshield wipers, and checking your brakes and headlights.

Buy discount parts

In the event that your used car needs a repair, you do not need to pay full retail price on parts. All you need from your mechanic is an accurate list of the parts/serial numbers you need to locate and their agreement to use what you find. To find discounted parts, a quick internet search on car shopping sites or a trip to a retail store will be your best bet.

Save on gas mileage

You can save on gas mileage in a few ways. The easiest way is to slow down. Simply put, driving slower increases your fuel economy. You can save money at the pump by also decreasing the weight in your car, using your windows over the air conditioner, and going easy on the braking and accelerating.

Wash your own car

While an automatic car wash is convenient, the spring is a perfect time to get outside to wash your own car.  The supplies needed are simple and affordable (a water hose, car wash soap, and a big sponge) and the results are impressive.

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