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happy driver with quality used car from the auto connection

With gas prices continuously on the rise, we’re always looking for the best ways to get the most bang for our gas bucks. Here are three ways to get more from your gas money.

Slow It Down

Reducing your speed, especially on the highway, can increase your gas mileage. While the speed limit may be 65mph, chances are plenty of drivers are speeding along around 75mph. But not all speeds are created equal in the world of gas mileage. EPA fuel economy estimates are calculated at 55mph. When it comes down to it, every 10mph over you go, you’re losing 5 miles per gallon. You may get there faster, but you’re costing yourself hard-earned money!

Stay Consistent

Slamming on your brakes, speeding up and slowing down, aggressive driving—these can all cost you precious gas mileage. Some estimates suggest a 15-30% reduction in fuel economy. Flip on that cruise control if you’ve got it. If not, practice having a steady foot.

Your Crucial Contact

Your tires are the only contact between you and the road. It’s no wonder improperly inflated and worn tires can eat away at your gas mileage. Check your pressure often, rotate your tires, and be away of the signs it’s time to get new tires.

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