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dog hanging out of car window

When we go for a ride, it’s fun to bring our dogs along (after all, they are man’s best friend). What’s not fun is the odors they can leave behind. Don’t let your quality used car go to the dogs—use these pro tips to defeat pet odor in your car.

Vacuum Away

Using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment (or an industrial vacuum at a car wash), suck up all the dog hair from every surface. This hair is not only an eye sore, but also carries odor.

Wash Any Removable Parts

Car seat covers, rubber mats, blankets…you name it, if it can be removed then give it a good wash. Rubber mats can be scrubbed and hosed down, while cloth can be washed using a cool water temperature in your washer. You may also want to use a gentle setting, based on the durability of the fabric. Make sure to read the label first.

Baking Soda for the Win

Known for its ability to absorb smells, baking soda is a great tool for getting rid of pet odor in your quality used car. Simply place a bowl of baking soda in your car, let it sit overnight, and by morning you should notice a difference in your car’s smell. For stronger odors, leave the bowl in the car for several nights.

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