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how to clean your car the auto connection

Have you cleaned your quality used car lately? It’s a good idea to clean it more often to keep you and your family safe from the coronavirus. It’s not too complicated and chances are you already have all of the cleaning supplies you need.

Pay close attention to the high-touch areas 

You should start off by using disinfecting wipes on the most frequently touched surfaces of your quality used car: your keys, the outside and inside door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, turn signal, radio buttons, AC and heat controls, and your seats, seat belts, and armrests. You’ll also want to sanitize the mirrors, grab handles, and seat adjustment levers if you touch these a lot, too. And don’t forget to wear disposable gloves while cleaning your car’s interior to protect yourself from germs. And really pay close attention to your steering wheel.

Products to use

Alcohol solutions such as disinfectant wipes that contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol are the most effective household products to kill the coronavirus according to the CDC. 

If you don’t have any wipes, however, try vigorous washing with soap and water. Coronaviruses are surrounded by a protective envelope and destroying that envelope with friction from a good cleaning can help reduce your risk of transmission. Dish soap will work well — just dampen the surface and scrub for 20-30 seconds. 

Products NOT to use 

You shouldn’t use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia-based products in your car, even though they are effective at killing the virus. These are very strong products and can damage the upholstery, plastic and other surfaces in the interior.

Other safe steps to take

Keep a window cracked. When the windows are closed, COVID-19 (in fine aerosol particles) can accumulate inside your car. By cracking one window open just 3 inches, dangerous germs can be kept at bay and fresh air can circulate! 

Keep hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in your car to clean your hands before you touch the steering wheel and other surfaces.

Wash your hands!  We can’t emphasize this one enough. Wash your hands before and after driving, as well as after you clean your car. 

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