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how to be a better driver the auto connection

When’s the last time you did a check-up on your driving habits? Improving your driving is not only great for safety, it can also help you save money in the process. Check out these five ways to enhance your driving habits.

Why So Close?

Don’t follow other vehicles too closely, especially larger ones that can kick up rocks and debris, resulting in a window chip or crack. Stay far enough back to save money on those pesky repairs.

Bumps in the Road

If you see bumps or holes, avoid them if possible or slow down if not. Also, when you go over a bump, make sure your foot is off the brake. Otherwise you’re putting undue stress on your braking system.

Fast Acceleration

Pushing down on the gas too quickly puts unnecessary strain on the drivetrain and eats up fuel as well. Accelerate moderately to save money and prevent wear and tear.

Rolling Turn

If you’re not moving, don’t turn the wheel. Even if you’re parallel parking, wait until the car has at least slight movement before turning. Doing so reduces stress on the ball joints, tire rode ends, and tires

Reduce Your Load

Do you have a bunch of stuff in your trunk that doesn’t need to be there? Take it out and you’ll see an improvement in gas mileage. Also, the heavier your car, the more effort your brakes have to put into stopping it, which means more wear on your brake pads.

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