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It happens to all of us — the fuel light comes on and we’re nowhere close to a gas station. Have you ever wondered how far you can actually drive with your quality used vehicle’s tank on empty? Or if it’s bad to drive with low fuel?

How far can you drive?

As a general rule, most cars have about 2.5 gallons left in the tank when the gas light comes on. Depending on how many miles your used car gets per gallon, this means you can usually go between 30-60 miles. However, one factor to consider is the kind of traffic you’re in when the light comes on. Stop-and-go traffic in the city will decrease your miles per gallon when compared to open highway driving.

Is it bad to drive with low fuel?

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to drive around with low fuel. The gas in your car cools down the electric fuel-pump motor, meaning that when your tank is low, it can create heat and wear down the fuel pump prematurely. This can be a costly repair.

What happens if you actually do run out of gas? Not only is this a major inconvenience but this can cause even bigger issues with your catalytic converter, which can be another expensive repair. A good rule of thumb is to always try to keep at least ¼ of a tank of gas — not only in case you get stuck in unexpected traffic or an emergency but also to keep your car safe and running smoothly.

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