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Honda K24 Engines Now Part of Used Import Inventory at

By October 5, 2015November 4th, 2021No Comments

Honda K24 engines are now for sale in used condition as part of the imported inventory available at the website at

The development of the K series motors at the Honda company made it possible for more car owners to experience more horsepower in the smaller 2.4-liter engine blocks. The JDM Pros company has acquired Honda 24 engines this month as part of a new company program. Consumers can now sort through this used inventory on the company website at

The blocks available in the JDM parts inventory for 2015 include two variations of the K series builds. The first editions are for the Honda CRV vehicles built solely in Japan that have a 9:6:1 compression ratio. The second editions are the American versions used in the Acura TSX and Odyssey vehicles.

“The A1, A2, A3 and A4 blocks can be found while using our website as a research portal to explore prices and freight terms prior to ordering,” said a JDM Pros company specialist.
The used condition I4 motors for Honda sedan and coupe motor vehicles now being supplied will be shipped out direct from the main supplier warehouse. Each shipment will go through an inspection process to review the block mileage and a valve check prior to distribution to consumers.

“We have arrangements with second hand suppliers able to provide OEM blocks that fit most Honda or Acura vehicles built since 1989,” said the specialist.
The JDM Pros website is able to return price information at the touch of a button due to the integration of a digital system. A person who visits the company portal strictly to conduct price comparisons will receive automated prices that are pulled from the offline company database of MSRP prices.

The company has reached out to more providers of foreign automotive parts this year in order to increase the size of its motor inventory showcased on the company website. The company has just completed the redesign of its portal to allow for immediate sale price research for any VIN number by consumers.