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It’s hard to find a car as iconic as James Bond’s Aston Martin. Now the Hollywood vehicle is getting the Lego treatment (complete with ejector seat!) for those of us who don’t want to shell out millions for a real-life replica. It may be able to take you places in your imagination, but you can get to real-life places in a quality used car from The Auto Connection. (This article comes compliments of Autoblog.)

Just as we predicted, Lego’s James Bond-themed Aston Martin model kit is of the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 from “Goldfinger.” A car that also featured prominently in other Bond films including “Casino Royale,” “Skyfall” and “GoldenEye,” among others. (The real “GoldenEye” movie car just sold for a cool $2.6 million.) And while at first blush, it seems that the Aston’s effortless class didn’t quite translate as well to brick form as boxier vehicles such as the VW Bus and the Mini Cooper, we can easily forgive it. Why? Because it has all of the gadgets from the movie, and they all work!

Working from the nose of the car, the turn signals drop out of the way to reveal the machine gun barrels. These disappear at the pull of the shift lever in the interior. Also in the interior are the hideaway tracking computer in the dash and the door-mounted car phone.

Of course the best feature inside is the ejector seat. Pull on the rear bumper, and the roof lifts off and other mechanical bits fling the seat through the opening. Behind the rear window, there’s the bulletproof shield that can be raised into position. Finally, all four wheels can have the tire cutters fitted, and the license plates swivel for different numbers.

And for car enthusiasts, Lego has made sure that the model is simply a nice and accurate replica of a DB5. The hood is hinged at the front, and underneath is a detailed model of the car’s double-overhead cam straight-six. It’s modeled down to the triple carburetors. The doors open, naturally, as does the trunk, which has quite a bit of space.

The Lego kit sells for $149.99. It consists of 1,290 pieces, and the finished model measures out to about 13 inches in length.

At The Auto Connection, we’ve got plenty of used cars with the bells and whistles you need. In fact, we’ve got over 300 quality used cars to choose from. With so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you or your family’s needs.

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