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used cars, Summer safety tips, The Auto ConnectionIt’s almost June and before you know it, everyone will be running the air conditioning nonstop in their used cars.

Making sure used cars always have working air conditioning goes without saying in Virginia and North Carolina. When the air conditioning doesn’t work, nobody likes riding in the car. Not even Mack Mack. At The Auto Connection, we’d like to offer our customers some other important safety tips to stay cool this summer:

  • Check your cooling system to see if it needs servicing. Rusty-looking coolant and floating particles indicate it’s time to get your system flushed and refilled.
  • Maintain your car so that power and manual windows always can roll down. Let some of that heat out before you turn on your air conditioning.
  • Never leave a child alone in a parked car. The same goes for pets. Even when the windows are rolled down or the air conditioning is running, it’s just not safe. Did you know that a child’s body temperature can heat up three to five times faster than an adult’s body? When it’s 80 degrees outside, it only takes 10 minutes for the temperature inside used cars to reach deadly levels for children and pets in 10 minutes. In fact, heatstroke inside a car can occur when the outside temperature is as low as 57 degrees.
  • Before you lock the door and walk away from your used car, take a peek in the front and back of your car. It might seem crazy to suggest that people would forget that their child or dog was in the back seat, but it happens, especially when their routine changes. One way to remember someone is in the back seat is to place your purse or briefcase in the back seat so you have to check. If your daily routine has been altered and someone else is driving your child, always check to make sure your child has arrived safely at their destination.
  • Always lock the doors to your used car. That way, a child can’t climb inside and become trapped. Keep your keys out of reach, too.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Used Cars at The Auto Connection Dealership

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