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As long as you don’t neglect your car battery, it should last as long as its expected lifespan. However, when it comes time to replace it, you should know how to buy the right car battery.

Is It Really Dead?

Just because the engine is having trouble turning over, doesn’t necessarily mean the battery is at fault. Or that it needs to be replaced. Check for:

  • A defunct charging system
  • A dead starter
  • A battery that may just need some maintenance

Local auto part stores usually have a diagnostics machine they’ll run on your car for free to help discover where the issue lies. Of course, you can always call us and we’d be happy to look at it for you. If you purchase your quality used car from The Auto Connection, our vehicles come with a 2-year warranty. So just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Buying the wrong sized battery can not only lead to frustration during installation, but it can also cause permanent damage to your car. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for exact dimensions.

Time Can Erase Information

Taking your battery to the store might sound like the best way to get the exact battery you need, but it’s often not necessary. The information on the battery can be worn over time, leading to more frustration and headaches than its worth. Most batteries are manufacturer-specific, so finding the perfect battery for your quality used car is as easy as telling the store employee what kind of car you drive.

Ready to Ride?

Ready to get a set of wheels of your own? Our buy here, pay here program allows you to get in a car, regardless of your credit history. Get into a quality used car at The Auto Connection and receive our Best Friend Guarantee, which helps keep you on the road for years to come. Our locations include: Danville, Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia. Get financed today!