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Here at The Auto Connection, we can put you in the driver’s seat of your own used car with no hassle, no judgment, and no waiting! In addition to an easy used car-buying process, here are some other reasons you may want to consider having your own car instead of waiting for the bus:

Cost. It may seem more cost effective than buying a used car, but the cost of public transportation can add up. Plus, buying a used car may be easier than you think. Here at The Auto Connection, we can help you get financed easily! If a low credit score has you relying on the train instead of buying a used car, come see us! Many of our customers have put only $1 down and we’ve helped thousands of customers rebuild their credit or establish it for the first time. Our Buy Here, Pay Here program is fast and simple and we will work with you to get you into a car that makes sense for you, regardless of your financial situation. 

Convenience.  With your own car, you won’t have to wait for your bus, sit through multiple stops, or rely on limited transit schedules. Transit schedules are often designed and scheduled for the needs of the 9-to-5 office worker, making it inconvenient for those of us who don’t fit into that category. Plus, if you do anything after work—go to the gym, meet up with friends, or shop for groceries —public transportation quickly becomes a less-than-attractive option. Weekend travel can get even trickier with transit schedules often being light on the weekends, if they even run in certain locations at all.

Freedom. With your own used car, you’re in the driver’s seat! Public transit is often limited to cities with a certain population size and geographic capabilities. And even if it is available where you live, it doesn’t necessarily get you where you need to go. Stops may get you near your end location but then you often must transfer to another bus or walk the rest of the way.

Personal Space. Let’s be honest – public transportation is often crowded, dirty, and uncomfortable. And if you can’t get a seat, you’re left standing and holding on to metal bars that hundreds of other hands have touched. And if we’ve learned one thing from the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that comfort, cleanliness, and personal space are important.

Are you in the market for a reliable used vehicle? As a premier buy here, pay here dealership in Hampton Roads, The Auto Connection helps people in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Richmond, Eastern Shore, Smithfield, Chesapeake and Newport News, VA get the financing they need to drive away in a quality used car, truck, SUV or van. Find out how easy it is to get a quality pre-owned vehicle of your own with buy here, pay here financing from The Auto Connection. 

Get the approval process started from home with our easy online application.

*$1 down subject to approved credit. Excludes titles, taxes and license fees due 21 days from purchase.

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