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Winter can present some icy challenges for drivers. But don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you have all the car hacks you need to make winter your new best friend. Here are 7 winter car hacks for your quality used car.

  1. Sock it to it

Tired of getting ice building up on your windshield wipers? Cover your wipers with a pair of old socks.

  1. Kitty litter for traction

Grab a couple containers of kitty litter and put them in your trunk. The extra weight will help your rear tires get more traction in snowy and icy road conditions.

  1. Prevent frosty side mirrors with a baggie

Forget defrosting and scraping your side view mirrors—simply cover them with plastic baggies the night before and secure them with a clothespin or rubber band and voila, you’ll have ice-free mirrors in the morning.

  1. Be sure to brush

Heavy snowfall can make it difficult to see on the road. The issue is compounded if your headlights are foggy. Cover each with a light coating of toothpaste and wash off with warm water. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your headlights free and clear.

  1. Wax on

After you’re done cleaning your headlights with the toothpaste, coat them with a layer of wax for a few sticky-free weeks from rain and snow.

  1. Fog-proof your car

Did you know shaving cream contains the same ingredients as de-foggers? Just spray some on the inside of your windows and wipe off for a fog-free shine.

  1. In case of emergency

Last but not least: Keep an emergency kit in your car. This can include an extra coat, snacks, flashlight, water, matches, a phone charger, and any other supplies that will help out in case of an emergency.

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