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Pumping gas at gas station. Close up of a hand holding fuel nozzle.

When it comes to saving money, nothing beats a quality used car from The Auto Connection. And now you can save even more with these 7 smart ways to save gas.

Keep an eye on your tires

Tires with low pressure cause the engine to work harder—the same goes for alignment. Before you check your tire pressure, be sure to let the tires cool down. Checking immediately after you’ve driven will give you an inaccurate reading.

Take out the extras

Have stuff in your trunk that doesn’t need to be in there? Go ahead and take it out. The excess weight lowers your gas mileage.

Waiting for someone? Cut the engine

Unless it’s a really hot or cold day, don’t waste gas by leaving your quality used car idling.

Consolidate, consolidate

Don’t take three trips when you can take one. Consolidate your errands and the savings will quickly add up.

Easy on the gas

Slamming on the gas burns fuel—practice the art of subtle acceleration.

Watch your speed

Observing the speed limit is not only the law, it will also help you save on gas for your quality used car.

Keep your engine in tune

Your engine is the heart of your quality used vehicle. Make sure it’s up to date with routine maintenance checks. Uncertain of what should be done when? Check your owner’s manual. If you need service, give our service department a call.

When it comes to saving money, choosing a quality used car from The Auto Connection is a great first step. And our buy here, pay here program can allow you to get in a car, regardless of your credit history.

Our Virginia locations include Danville, Norfolk and Richmond. Get the approval process started from home with our easy online application.