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side view mirror quality used car

Don’t venture out on your summer road trip without these 5 pro tips for your quality used car.

Check Your Tires

Tire pressure and tried tread are crucial for your vehicle’s performance. Both can cause tires to unexpectedly blow out. Which, as you can imagine, would put a major damper on your summer road trip. Avoid this situation by making your sure your used car’s tire pressure and tire tread are both up to snuff.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

If you don’t have the know-how to do this, take your vehicle into a service center. If you’re not sure where to go, stop by our service center.

Is Your Battery Juiced?

If your car battery is more than a few years old, there are a few things to check. Make sure the positive and negative leaders are tight. Check that the terminals are corrosion-free. If your car sounds “sluggish” when you start, it may be the sign of a dying battery.

Change Your Oil

Make sure you know how many miles you have left before your next oil change. If that point will come during your trip, you may be better off getting the oil change before you hit the road.

Know Your Gas Mileage

Have you ever asked someone how their trip was, and the first thing they talk about is how few stops they had to take along the way? These road warriors know their gas mileage and the gas stop along the way. It’s a matter of preparation. So know how far your quality used car can go between stops and map out where you’ll be stopping along the way to make sure you don’t get stranded with a gasless vehicle.

Are you wanting to take a summer road trip, but don’t have any wheels? Our buy here, pay here program can allow you to get in a car, regardless of your credit history.

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