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Buying a new car can put a huge dent in your bank account. Not only is a new car more expensive, the upkeep costs are too! Here are 5 smart benefits of buying a used car.

Better Price

Used cars cost less. It’s a simple, beautiful fact that opens the door to possibilities – when you save so much on buying a used car, you have money left to do whatever your heart desires.

Depreciation Benefits

As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, its value drops. This trend continues for years. With a used car, the depreciation is often much slower paced, allowing the value of your used car to remain more stable than that of a new car.


When you buy new, you have a limited selection. But when you buy a quality used car, you can buy any year, make, or model.

Insurance rates

While insurance tends to be higher on new cars, it tends to be lower on used cars. Performing a little bit of pre-purchase research (including calling insurance companies) will allow you to know exactly how much your insurance will cost you every month.

Reduced Registration Fees

As it goes with car insurance, so it goes with registration fees: the older the vehicle, the lower the cost.

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