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It may be shocking, but these car hacks really work! From the convenient and silly to the downright brilliant, car hacks are a great way to get the most of your quality used car experience. If you know any others, feel free to share on Facebook and tag our page.

Prevent door dings with a pool noodle

Tired of banging your door on your garage wall? Cut a pool noodle in half and bolt it to the wall (flat side against the wall). Congrats! You’ve just saved the door on your quality used car.

Hang a tennis ball

A front bumper hits the wall, a back bumper is torn apart from a closing garage door. If either of these moments sounds familiar to you, then this is the hack you’ve been waiting for. When your car is parked in your garage at exactly the right spot, hang a tennis ball from a string (connected to the ceiling). The ball should barely touch your front windshield. Now when you pull in, you’ll know exactly when to stop.

Winter defrost hack

Park your car facing east to defrost your windshield in the morning. This is a simple hack that can save you time (and a headache) every morning during the colder months.

One for the kids

Like most parents, you depend a lot on your quality used car to get your kids to school, sports, and everything in between. If it’s meal time and you’re in need of a tray for your child, you can use a Magna Doodle. It makes a perfectly portable table. And when you kid is done eating, their toy is ready on their lap.

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