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In some cases, like heavy rain, wiper blades can be a life saver—literally. What better way to take care of the wiper blades that care of you than by helping extend their life (and in turn, saving you money). Here are 3 tips for extending the life of your wiper blades.

Bath time, anyone?

Cut down on the wear and tear of your wiper blades by eliminating a big stressor: a dirty car! Wash your car at least twice a month during the summer and even more often during the rainy season and winter, when mud and gunk from the road are more likely to wind up on your windshield.

Find Some Shade

Nothing eats away at the rubber of your wiper blades like direct sunlight. Avoid that pesky sun by parking in shaded areas. It’s a small step, but a big help for your wipers.

Debris-Free Lifestyle

You know those leaves, twigs, bugs, random flyers from strangers, and other junk that collects under your wiper blades? Well, don’t just let it sit there! When that junk (no matter how small) wedges between the blades and your windshield, it greatly reduces the effectiveness of the blades. So clean out that debris. Not only will your ride look cleaner, you’ll help extend the life of your wiper blades.

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