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Get the most out of your used car with these 10 amazing hacks! 

1 – Trouble opening your key ring? Use a staple remover.

The days of hurting your fingernails are over! 

2 – Need a cupholder? Try a shoe.

Everyone has a pair of old shoes lying around. You might as well make the most of them by sticking a cup in them!

3 – Foggy headlights? Use toothpaste.

Apply the toothpaste with a cloth rag, then wash clean and dry.

4 – Bring home a hot pizza? Keep it toasty with a seat warmer.

Crank the seat heat up to high and you’ve got yourself an on-the-go pizza warmer!

5 – Bump your door in your garage? Try a pool noodle.

Split the noodle in half, then screw the flat side to the wall. Now you’ve got an easy, homemade bumper.

6 – Not sure how far to pull in to your garage? Use a tennis ball.

This one is a classic car owner’s fix. Pull your car into your garage exactly where you’d like it to be from now on. Attach a string to a tennis ball, then hang the tennis ball from the ceiling via the string. The ball should touch the window. From now on, when you’re pulling in the garage you’ll know that when your window touches the tennis ball, you can put your car in park.

7 – Need extra storage? Hook a mesh bungee to your roof.

Though you won’t want to store anything heavy, you’ll have plenty of extra space for lighter items!

8 – Frosted windows in the morning? Park eastbound.

The direct contact from the morning sun should keep your windows defrosted in the morning.

9 – Got small dents? Use a plunger.

That’s right, you don’t need to pay someone else to come suction the dents out. Just grab a (clean) plunger and get to work!

10 – Need a place to put your gadgets? Use a sticky pad.

Stick a few sticky pads to your dashboard and you’ve got a quick anti-gravity solution!

Need a reliable used car that you can trick out with these great hacks? The Auto Connection has you covered! Our buy here, pay here program can allow you to get in a car, regardless of your credit history.

In North Carolina, we have an office in Wilson. Our locations in Virginia include: Danville, Norfolk and Richmond. Stop by any location to find a used car for sale at your budget.